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09.00 - 22.00

Level 2
Phone: 089 988 94 82

The traditional culture of Viennese cafes and their unique atmosphere are synonymous with warmth and coziness known all over the world. The “Home in Vienna” slogan reflects our roots in this great tradition, which is now recognized as a non-material cultural heritage of UNESCO. We are an Austrian family business and we opened our first coffee shop in Vienna in 1999. The culture of such a Viennese coffee shop is the foundation of our identity. The Coffeeshop Company perfectly combines modern coffee shops and traditional Viennese coffee shops. The comfort in a modern and dynamic context meets the excellent service and relaxing atmosphere of the Viennese coffee shop.

From The Farm In To The Cup

For decades, our name and brands Scharf Coffee machines and Scharf - The Art of Coffee are distinguished by superb coffee and high quality products at every stage of the production chain. Achieving high quality coffee begins from the farm. We use direct trade and build strong, long-term partnerships with selected farmers. We believe that by showing our trusted farmers deserved respect for them, and by providing them with fair and sustainable prices, they become the most important part of our high-value chain. Coffeeshop Company is proud to know its producers personally. We only use the best products. Our quality process begins with the selection of the finest Arabian varieties of farms where the most ripe cherries are picked by hand. They are then subjected to very careful wet processing before the grains are sorted by color, size and density followed by their final journey to our headquarters in Austria.

After arriving in Austria, these high-quality coffee beans are bled slowly and carefully by our master baker in Neusiedl am Zee, where you get exclusive premium blends of unique flavor. The latest strokes in our premium product are achieved with gentle extraction using the Schärf piston-cylinder (espresso machine). In this way, a good cup of coffee is the result of the passion and hard work of many people from the farmer to the barista. This is in brief what lies behind the "farm history" and is the basis of our motto "From The Farm Into The Cup".