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Стрелбище RACE GUN BG

10:00 - 22:00
Level -1
Phone: 0878 788 443, 0888 419 345

"Race Gun BG" Club is a dynamic shooting club and our desire is to develop and popularize the sport in Bulgaria as with sporting weapons and with airsoft replicas. Our motto is "Build your skills" and therefore conduct trainings in shooting with different types of weapons: pistol, shotgun, bow, crossbow, pneumatic weapon, slingshot and throwing ax, shuriken, copy, plates for driving. And least but not last - pay attention to physical training. All that we can mix and offer it to you both as a sporting event and enjoyable event for leisure or business's Birthday event. In the shop at the shooting range you can find: Airsoft replicas and consumables, knives, lamps, clocks, bows.