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10:00 - 22:00
Level 1
Phone: 0884 926 544; 0888 650 924

German line, a symbol of quality and style in the luxury fashion will be presented in glamorous boutique in Paradise Center. The shop is filled with the latest design concept of the company and also will house ESCADA and the other online of the brand - ESCADA SPORT. ESCADA has a long history and many fans of the Bulgarian market, but the country has no official boutique of the brand for three years until now. In Bulgaria ESCADA is represented by "Unistars" Ltd. - official representative for Bulgaria of the brands VERSACE, VERSACE COLLECTION, VERSUS VERSACE. The company proudly presents the new brand in its portfolio - ESCADA. In the store are presented clothes from the ESCADA line for spring / summer 2015, captures the energy and colorful beauty in the actual collection of the famous brand. In the official photo session for spring / summer 2015 of ESCADA are interlaced important accents which holds the brand: memorable colors, rich luster and good manners. Luxury silk fabrics in soft shades of pink and orange against a breathtaking view of a cloudy sky create moments, filled with drama. The ESCADA spring / summer 2015 campaign was officially launched in January 2015 and is presented in the best fashion and lifestyle magazines such as VOGUE, ELLE, HARPERS BAZAAR and others. The new campaign and the video for it are presented on the website of the ESCADA and on social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.