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HUMANIC means fashion.
Permanently changing collections quickly bring international trends into our stores. Classics, stylish basics and accessories complete our wide product range.
HUMANIC offers quality.
Our quality standards and careful quality controls provide you with best product quality. In case a problem occurs, the team will solve it quickly and in a straightforward way.
HUMANIC sells brands.
Brands create confidence, give you safety and make us unique with regard to fashion and quality.
HUMANIC means shoe culture.
More than 100 years of experience in the shoe production tradition are the basis for HUMANIC’s special position in the shoe world. They unite shoe fashion and shoe culture – to serve you best.
HUMANIC is passion.
Fashion is inspiring and exciting as well as having a positive impact on our mood. Are you one of those people who are thrilled when getting a new pair of shoes? Then dive into the wonderful world of HUMANIC and experience pure pleasure shopping!