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Radiant Professional


In our company store you will discover a variety of beauty products that will satisfy any need for perfect makeup, skin care and hair care, a complete beauty experience.

Our three brands - RADIANT Professional Make Up – SEVENTEEN Cosmetics & LORVENN Hair Professionals – offer high quality products with cutting edge technology that assist every woman in looking and feeling better. 

Our well trained personnel encompass any beauty concern and offers professional personalized advice and full service beauty experience.

In SEVENTEEN, a modern cosmetics brand with a long heritage since 1964, you can find a wide variety of top quality products. Its portfolio covers all makeup categories with an extensive range of shades and tones. Our seasonal collections are always in line with the latest international fashion trends. 

Seventeen’s Skin Perfection skincare collection is based on natural & herbal ingredients, skin friendly yet highly active. It includes cleansing, care and special products that cover every skin type need and desire. 

Seventeen covers all beauty conscious women’s needs at affordable prices. 

In RADIANT PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP, a sophisticated professional make up products range since 1991, you can find specialized products and innovative formulations. Our four seasonal beauty collections are inspired from latest fashion & makeup trends and are presented in our exclusive beauty guides. Radiant Professional Skin Care proposes a variety of advanced bio technology products, with carefully selected innovative ingredients, promoting a radiant and revitalized skin. The products are known for their unique texture and pleasant feel. Radiant offers an advanced value proposition to every exceptional beauty concern.

In LORVENN Hair Professionals, a professional haircare brand, you can find a selection of products of superior standards and top quality ingredients that ensure the health and beauty of your hair. Offering upscale solutions to hair dying, hair care and hair styling, it covers all hair needs & meets contemporary demands, offering healthy, strong, shiny hair! 

Our Beauty Experts are an integral part of the store and are always available to assist and advice you on matters of makeup techniques and beauty tips to enhance your best features!