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AFC - ремонт мобилни

10am - 10pm

Level -1
Phone: 0879607642

Quality and professional care for your phone from AFC group | Mall Raradise The first high-quality service in the field of technology started in Mall Raradise. The main activity that AFC group developes is in the area of information and telecommunication technologies, but more specifically in the software and hardware problems elimination of mobile phones, smartphones and the accessories which go along. AFC group successfully operates on the european market for more that 16 years. As main location of its offices it chooses some of the biggest european shopping centers in Germany, Spain, Rumania and others. For the first time AFC group sets foot on the bulgarian market by opening office in Paradise Mall. AFC group gives a promise to its future clients for solid solutions of the problems with their mobile devices considering the individual needs of each one of them. One of the main privileges is that their staff is highly qualified, always keep up with the trends and innovations in the area of repairs and maintenance of mobile devices and with pleasure will provide any visitor of the shopping center with valuable and timely advice. At your disposal is the most advanced arsenal of high-tech equipment for diagnostics and reparation of mobile phones. You can forget about the long waiting of parts and components needed to repair your mobile phone or smartphone, because the offices from the AFC group chain always have in stock components and accessories for a wide range of mobile phones. In combination with all these qualities AFC group offers the best balance between quality, cost and time.