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What makes our products so special is the use of pure  natural rose oil, coming straight from the distilleries in the world-famous Rose Valley. Known for its healing and beautifying properties, this fragrant elixir flowing from the heart of Bulgaria has been esteemed from ancient times to the present.

We combine knowledge of the healing power of herbs and their special effects on the skin with modern ingredients and formulations. Our selected top quality lines are manufactured using the most advanced techniques and the purest, natural ingredients. Everything we create meets all requirements and is of consistent quality.

Thanks to the proven quality and efficiency of our personal care products, Bio Fresh Ltd. is not only a reputable manufacturer in Bulgaria but also a premier exporter to foreign markets.

Our mission:

We want to appeal to your senses through aroma and touch and encourager you to care for your skin with gifts from nature, blended in products that will pamper your body, relax your soul and promote health and well being.