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Monday - Friday – 7:30  -  22:00, 

Saturday and Sunday - 8:00 -  22:00

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Mikel’s history began in 2008 in Greece, in the city of Larissa. It was back then when the familiar face of “Grandpa Michael”, the picture of our founder’s father, made its first appearance. But that was just the beginning…
Second stop? The city of Volos. Next stop? To take the world by storm! Thanks to the people’s love, the Mikel Coffee Company quickly evolved into one of the most rapidly growing coffee companies in Greece. With a strong presence across all 5 continents, today the Mikel Coffee Company has a global network of more than 240 stores.
The Mikel Coffee Company is not just another high-end branded coffee chain. It is a coffee community hangout spot that fuses Greek hospitality with a great love for coffee. A place where people meet, swap ideas and come closer. A “community” that is continuously spreading to every corner of the earth!
From the selection of the raw materials and the fine blends of coffee to the variety of choices of our unique products and the high-end equipment, Mikel’s purpose is to entice every customer with the true taste of the best coffee they will ever taste.
Mikel is a living organism. It never stops evolving and becoming better, just like the constantly evolving needs and “wants” of the Global Community, in order to be always up to date!
The expertise, creativity and joyful attitude along with the fiery passion stem firstly from the Mikel employees and their love for what they do. With a smile and a positive energy, they are always closer to the customer, and ready to make suggestions in order to improve customer satisfaction and experience.
We would like to invite each and everyone of you coffee lovers or not to come and see the impressive design, amazing products and high end coffee and beverages that we produce.