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SASA Asian Pub

10:00 - 22:00
Level 2


SASA Asian Pub will first overturn your idea of space.
2000 sq. Meters area, eight meters high, 600 seats and huge glass windows through which Vitosha mountain will literally sit at the table next to you, and the feeling is like flying over the city. Meanwhile the huge aquarium "dips" you in the mystery of the underwater world. There is no such space and such a view!

SASA Asian Pub will overturn your idea of a restaurant.
It is not an accident that the name of the restaurant is Asian pub, because it is not just a restaurant, but an all-day place where the restaurant area, the bar and the cafe are united by a common scene, where something is going on constantly - live music, DJ sets, various show programs ...
Such places can be seen in London, Paris or NY, but so far nowhere in Sofia.

SASA Asian Pub will overturn your idea of a good food
The kitchen is more than impressive and fully complies with the Bulgarian taste. The menu offers the best in 7 world cuisines with dominance on the Asian.