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Dirk Bikkembergs

Everyday 10am - 10pm

Level 1
Phone: +359 897 55 55 92

"I design clothes for men and women that have a special, strong attitude; for a younger, future-minded generation for whom fashion has become a way to express themselves; to give shelter and strength and the feeling of looking good; a generation that has risen above the question of fashion, sure about its quality and style and their own; celebrating life.I design collections that give one whole strong look, a vision of life, men and women with items that are nonchalant and easy to mix, give freedom and don't restrict the wearer; but there are always special pieces that are stronger and more defined, marking a certain period of time and setting a sign.My clothes are never retro. I hate the idea of looking back. I don't have any idols from the past. I do strongly believe in tomorrow and the future of the human race. To achieve this I devote a lot of attention to the cut and fabric that I use. Yes, I tend to think about my clothes as fashion and I'm not afraid of that, nor are my clients.I design strong clothes for strong individuals rather than wrapping up pretentious nerds in sophisticated cashmere. Nothing is so boring as a "nice and neat" look. Life is just too good and too short for that." Dirk Bikkembergs is the man, the designer and the brand to have combined a couture heritage with a passion for sports. With this unique approach, Dirk Bikkembergs has managed to successfully merge the athlete’s world with the exclusivity of the catwalks in Milan. Today, the Dirk Bikkembergs maison includes three leading fashion brands, namely Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture, Bikkembergs and Bikkembergs Sport. Each line offers a bold interpretation of masculinity inspired by the contemporary athlete. Dirk Bikkembergs experience - for the first time in Paradise Center!!!