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To Be Too

10am - 10pm

Level 1
Phone: 0878 85 48 42, 0878 85 48 41

Two friends, with a passion for fashion, during a trip to NY, conceived their ideas (making fashion clothes for children). The so-called "trend" until then had only entered in the wardrobe of women, touching that of men, but to the children, nobody had thought of it.

Of course, on their return to Italy, at Carpi, they began to work, and was to become the To Be Too brand. Made the first collection, they began their business adventure, which also had some success. After twenty years in NY, including Soho and the Village, breathing in the cool atmosphere of the Big Apple and being in contact every day with those who make creativity their own way of life, were able to learn how to be able to recognize what would have been a cult, and what would be the fashion model of the future.

The historical company of Casillo family, with 30 years of experience, decided to acquire the royalty of To Be Too brand also market it in Italy. From here it begins the slow but steady growth of the brand.

After one decade, many things have changed, today the brand is the exclusive property of the Ocean, led the Casillo brothers, with 3 children each, they know exactly what they want and what moms want for their children. Dad entrepreneurs, whose main goal practicality, convenience, research and innovative style.