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Every day from 10 AM to 10 PM

Level 1
Phone: 0884559935

We at Adelly believe that people can dress up not just to sell their clothes. For us to "dress" is a complex creative process that brings great emotion and pride. We contribute to building a unique personality taking into account taste requirements and criteria of each client. Our brand is made for the "new bulgarian man" - the man who knows what he wants and loves to take care of himself. For him clothing is not just necessity - it's a way of feeling and social belonging. In the last 15 years this man was constantly cultivating his aesthetic sense, he was changing and opening to the world's standards of elegance and style. In this period of changes Adelly proved itself to be the dynamic brand that senses and follows world's tendecies and always succeeds to offer the best and present out of them, which is adequate suited for the specific taste of the bulgarian man. We don't have the ambition to change the aspect of a client, just to help him found and express his individuality. The faultless quality of our clothes roots in the choice of highest class of fabric from leading european companies combined with very good design resolutions. This enables the Addely brand to position steadily in his market segment. Today our clients are intelligent people, which appreciate the priority to be well-dressed, but also know the cost of their money. 15 years of successful business on the complicated and variable bulgarian market are obvious sign that our company philosophy has a stable base and promising perspective.