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10:00 - 22:00
Level 1
Phone: 0888230886

Badoo is a Greek boutique brand that entered the garment world in 1989 as a continuation of a family business since 1975. The philosophy of the brand is to create models that meet the needs and requirements of modern and dynamic women. The models are extremely stylish, classy and always manage to emphasize the lady's femininity and charm. We, as importers, have been delighted to be able to satisfy the requirements of our customers for over 29 years. By offering the Badoo brand, the company offers the exclusive opportunity for the ladies and in Bulgaria to appreciate the high quality and the modern design and to wear with self-confidence the models of the Greek fashion line up to 58.

Badoo Boutique also offers a specially designed youth series - Milly Brown, which meets the expectations and needs of customers with sizes from XS to 2XL. The series features elegance and style combined with efficiency, with each model focusing on the individuality and class of the modern woman.

Our boutique at Paradise Center offers the whole range of Badoo and Milly Brown brands as well as the entire numbering (from 42 to 58 and XS to 2XL respectively). With its quality, design and, of course, natural fabrics as well as their complementary Badoo accessories are clothes that are distinctive!