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Pause Jeans

10:00 - 22:00
Level -1
Phone: 0887 497 597

PAUSE JEANS was established in 1999. Today more than ten designers contribute to the appearance of products with the brand of PAUSE JEANS. Collections of PAUSE JEANS are offered in the best stores in Bulgaria. Products with the brand of PAUSE JEANS are fully made of superior cloth and materials from Italy. Innovation, sex appeal and quality are the key features of PAUSE JEANS brand and due to them our clients have a perfect look and their own unique style. Irregular look and sense of comfort are at the basis of all designs of PAUSE JEANS brand. All designs are made for people who want to look terrific in their own manner. PAUSE JEANS fits very well with other clothing brands. Diligence and efforts of so many people give as a result the products of PAUSE JEANS brand - a combination of lifestyle impulses in the big city as well as in the small town.