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Every day from 10am to 10pm

Level 1
Phone: 0879 227 674

"TEODOR" ® is a registered trademark of TEODOR Ltd. - Pleven. The company was founded in 2000. It's main activity is production and sale of menswear. Currently has a large production capacity and developed trade network of shops across the country. "TEODOR" Ltd. - Pleven is entirely Bulgarian company and 95% of production is sold on the Bulgarian market. Over time "TEODOR" has become a symbol of quality and luxury. Evidence of this are two firsts from 2001 to 2005 in the exhibition NPC "Choose the Bulgarian" "TEODOR" ® is available in several fashion lines: - Classic - classic patterns in the spirit of traditional men's formal wear. With its high quality materials and workmanship this line is universal and can be used both in daily life and for formal occasions. - Luxury - classical style but made with the finest materials. - Casual - This is the latest sports line which successfully applied in recent years. There is no strict formal wear but there again you will find - STYLE AND QUALITY - from the fabrics to the last detail. Every man has the right to express themselves and to be special. That's why we propose you our new service: suits made to measure. We have a huge selection of patterns materials and lines of modern man's wardrobe. In "TEODOR" we will satisfy every caprice of the customer because we know that today it's your choice tomorrow it's your image.....