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10:00 - 22:00
Level 1
Phone: 0885 601 302
Website: Facebook page: Extravagance- Paradise Mall

Extravagance store is representative of many Italian brands. Here you can find: Elisabetta Franchi, Karl Lagerfeld, Iceberg, Michael Kors, DÉxterior - Made in Italy. The brands charm with great variety and unsurpassed quality.

Elisabetta Franchi is known on the market with her irresistible feminine visions that conquer at first glance. It is bet on models that you will not go unnoticed and you will definitely be the star of the evening. Of course the designer has also thought about the daily life of her clients, and there the clothes are no less attracting the attention.

Karl Lagerfeld does not need a presentation. The fashion guru is now more accessible to the general public. The brand offers interesting visions, and the best thing is that they carry designer’s unsurpassed sense of fashion and sign. 

ICEBERG is the brand that definitely brings a lot of mood in everyday life with its playful and extravagant visions.

Here you can find the familiar and popular Michael Kors. For a classic outfit that you can wear anywhere.

D.Exterior- Made in Italy is our latest jewel and definitely carries the DNA of the Italian classic brands. The mission of the brand is investing in quality products while emphasizing creativity and fashion trends.

Bosideng is the brand that certainly fascinates with its price-quality ratio. Must have for the winter season. Fascinating outfits that do not go unnoticed while at the same time are extremely accessible.