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FREYWILLE creates invaluable jewelery with an artistic design of enamel. Some collections are inspired by non-material and philosophical values, while others are inspired by art-historical themes ranging from Greek-Roman to modern art. For some collections, FREYWILLE's artists took themes and motifs from the works of famous European artists and gave them a contemporary artistic interpretation.

The classic series of FREYWILLE covers a wide variety of jewelery and accessories in some of the most popular shapes: earrings, medallions, bracelets, rings and brooches. The pure and bright colors of the artistic design enamel, featuring 24kt of yellow gold powder or 18kt of white gold powder, shine brightly in a frame of gilded or rhodium - palladium coating. The 18kt gold and diamond series combines the eternal joy of luxury and exclusiveness in a bright and brilliant way. The famous team of artists, goldsmiths and enamelists create a whole new type of jewelry that combines gold, diamonds and enamel. The Limited Edition of FREYWILLE is available in 18 carats of massive white and yellow gold. It includes glamorous creations combining creativity, inspiration and love with an everlasting and exquisite presence.