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Goto Jewellery and diamonds


Goto Jewelery and diamonds is a new brand in the jewelry market, with a strong innovative and intuitive vision of jewelry and ambiance. As an exclusive representative of some of the most stylish and famous Italian jewelry brands Annamaria Cammilli, Cesare Paciotti, Desire Gioielli, F.A. Gioielli, Ekan, Oggi Donna, Zancann, Aurora, Belfiore, Flavor of gold, Rich Line, Larius, Antora, watch giant Eterna, and representative of Bulgaria for children's jewelry from Vai Milano, Ekan, Crisolar. In our stores you can also enjoy the only salty aquariums in a public place in Bulgaria, as well as to impress our unique children's collection of jewelry, accessories and utensils made of precious metals for the newborn, as well as to make you losses in the sea of handmade jewelry, diamonds, precious stones, engagement rings and wedding rings, investment gold and precious stones. The various jewelry collections, combined under the name Goto Gold Ocean Temptation Omnis, combine a strong individual character, classical aesthetics, but at the same time reflect the latest trends and quality in the craftsmanship and design of exquisite jewelry.