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A team of Italian designers creates for Invoke right from the beginning of the brand. With sense and finesse for beauty and aesthetics they continue to captivate with unbelievable  design and  ideas. They transform each jewel into passion and desire. Thanks to its designers Invoke is a magnet for all!

Invoke is a symbol of Tradition – the perfect equilibrium between Tradition and Innovation!

Invoke is a symbol of Delight in glamour and charm – embodied by the Classic taste!

Invoke is a symbol of Beauty – the Beauty as a leap in the art!

From the inspiration to the creation, through the preparation and the keeping of the traditions – this is how we witness the birth of a true piece of art…

The rediscovery and care for the finest details are narrated through the vision of images that allow even the smallest features to be transformed into a triumph of light and splendor.

The materials used for the creation of each one of the elements are of the highest quality. The innovation is permanently established in the craftsmanship of the jewelry – from the effects of the wonderful shapes, through the classic details and ornamentation, to the colourful exotic strokes.

Invoke offers a unique look to its clients for most of the jewelry caring the brand Invoke is a limited edition that guarantees exclusiveness and refined vision which is something that every modern woman dreams about!