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Кожено царство


Kozheno tsarstvo is chain storе founded in 1995, since then we are one of the leading companies at selling high quality leather products. Through years of experience we manage to combine traditional sewing of leather and fur, thanks to this we are leaders on the Bulgarian market. We know our clients are looking for the best and we can provide it. The articles we offer are selected based on the latest fashion trends. We offer an exclusive wide assortment of calf leather and sheepskin. Our natural fur products are made from mink, astrakhan - SWAKARA, chinchilla, silver fox, fig, pony, ocelot, beaver and many others with certificates NAFA, BLACKGLAMA, AMERIKAN LEGEND, KOPENHADEN FUR, SAGA FURS, RUSSIAN SABLE SOJUZPUSHNINA, manufactured in Italy, Greece and Bulgaria. The requirements and recognition of our regular customers is stimulating us to improve and develop. Our products are recognized both in Bulgaria and worldwide. The company participates at every specialized exhibition in the country and abroad. We are proud owners of certificates for fashion house of the year, correct company and many others.