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Lapin House

10.00 - 22.00

Level 1

Lapin House is celebrating 45 years as a pioneer in the field of children’s wear. It has been years filled with creativity and smiling children!

Guided by quality and specialized know-how, combined with a unique aesthetical point of view that characterizes “Lapin House”, we are creating exquisite children’s wear collections and forming new fashion trends. As a reflection of our efforts, we have been internationally acknowledged as one of the most influential brands in the field of children’s wear.

While creating our own products, Lapin House has been working for more than 30 years with high-end European fashion houses that produce children’s wear, shoes, accessories, nursery essentials and toys. 

Based on our years of experience, along with our innovative and conceptual children’s stores, and our highly competitive products, Lapin House is rapidly developing an international retail network, through franchises and other forms of co- operations.

Our goal at the “Lapin House” family remains the same since the launch of the company: to offer the very best for our kids…. The most beautiful kids in the world!