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Meli Melo

Phone: +359897033120

Meli Melo - Paris is a modern company that has been developing for more than 20 years. Everything started when our founders and passionate fans of beauty and fine arts - the French Hubert Larmaraud and Stephane Dumas - opened our first store in Bucharest in 1998.

Since then, the brand has grown its chain of stores, conquering the hearts of all fashion fans. So far we have a total of 58 stores in Romania, 2 stores in Kishinev (Republic of Moldova), 2 stores in Belgrade (Serbia) and 2 stores in Sofia (Bulgaria). In 2017, we launched Meli Melo - Paris deco, 6 interior decoration shops that care for the beauty and coziness of every home with a wide range of items.

The enormous success of our accessories is due to our desire to be constantly open to all the novelties of the market as well as the trust of our customers, which we gain every day with respect and diligence to bring fantasy, color and style into their lives.

The product categories you will find in our Paradise Center store are addressed to creative women, regardless of their age, with a sense of fashion, following the latest fashion trends. Powerful, ambitious, usually combining several roles in their everyday life, delicate but also practical.