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Arabian’s Secret

Phone: +359 2 427 7743

Arabian’s Secret, the history of a creation.

Once upon a time … After having travelled all over the world, seeking for unique scents, it was in Dubai that the both inspired and passionate friends about the high perfumery left their suitcases to give birth to their ideas. Their passion creates a perfumery house, inspired by the soul of this cosmopolitan, ambitious and vanguard oasis, where the cultures merge in harmony. So begins the history of Arabian’s Secret

Arabian’s Secret 
Arabian’s Secret opens for you the doors of a world of refined scents, where the tenderest fragrances answer each other and merge in an infinite parade.  Out of the trends, you will find exclusive perfumes of character, created of most noble stuffs. Consequently sophisticated, extravagant, voluptuous or intimate, the perfumes Arabian’s Secret, distill charm and seduction, revealing unique personality, your own. Anchored in the present and turned to the future, related to the women’s, men’s or the mix, the perfumes, created by Arabian’s Secret invite you to follow the way, leading to your own essence.