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Lilly Drogerie

10:00 - 22:00
Level -1

About the company Lilly Drogerie

When we established the chains of Lilly Drogerie in 2003 in the Republic of Serbia, we wanted only one: to provide our customers with the highest quality cosmetics, articles for maintenance of personal hygiene, products for children and children’s food, babies’ products, nutrition supplements, perfumes and household chemistry products and we devoted to the implementation of this wish of ours.

The chain Lilly Drogerie operates at the territory of Bulgaria since the beginning of 2010. Currently, Lilly Drogerie operates at the territory of the country with more than 70 shops and the number of sites increases every year. Our purpose is to be even closer to our customers.

In 2013, Lilly Drogerie in Serbia в Сърбия scored ten years of successful work!

The chain is exclusively widely represented in the Republic of Serbia where currently 140 drugstores meet and serve customers every day. Our presence both in Bulgaria and Serbia proves that our customers found what they sought at our drugstores. Their trust is also the best recommendation that we could wish for. If you add to this our devotion to satisfy customers’ wishes, the frequent promotions with attractive prices and excellent services, then it is clear why the chain Lilly Drogerie serves hundreds of customers every day at the territory of Bulgaria and Serbia.

And we always strive to fulfill at least one more wish!

To offer more at the market, we also started own production of high quality products on natural basis which are characterized with excellent quality and reasonable prices.

In cooperation with leading dermatologists and pharmacists, we developed a wide range pf products SOLEVITA, VELNEA, LILLY, Mamma&Baby, Watte & Watte, Moe 28 and others you can find in each of our sites. 
Nowadays in Lilly Drogerie more than 1500 work in compliance with ISO standards for quality.

This year Lilly Drogerie will celebrate 6 years of successful work at the Bulgarian market. Our success is a result of the fulfilled wish from the beginning of that story and of your trust throughout the years.

We will do our best to fulfill all your future wishes as well.