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Santa Marina


Chain shops SANTA MARINA WELCOME TO SEE OUR PROPOSALS FOR CHRISTMAS DECORATION! Import of proven itself German companies with original design and attractive prices. We are: 1.Official importer of RCR Cristalleria Italiana - Italy Here you can find a wide variety of crystal items from the two brands of the factory RCR Home and Table - products made from innovative materials Luxion, with zero lead. RCR Da Vinci Collection – high level crystal products, made primarily out of lead crystal 24% PbO. 2. Official importer of Pinti Inox - Italy Wide variety of products Inox 18/10 from both brands of the factory Pintinox - medium to high class Pinti1929 - high class, with special attention over the detail and design. Supporting over 40 models cutlery set for 6 and 12 people. Permanent availability of special designed cutlery of the brand Pinti1929, distinguished by its original and creative solutions Here you can also find the following products frmo the brands of Pinti Inox: variety of espresso spoons variety of spoons for tea variety of dessert forks cocktail spoons spoons for ice cream cottages snail spoons for honey and jam Champagne bucket Icetrays metal bread basket kits for oil and vinegar variety of spoons and forks for serving different grips for serving quality pressure cookers selection of over 40 types of auxiliary kitchen accessories specialized knives Pinti Inox items are actively used and in the HORECA sector, where we can offer you very attractive prices. 3.Official importer of Porcel - Portugal. High class porcelain sets for food, tea and coffee, made out from the famous fine porcelain Limoges. Extremely precise work with attention over the detail and innovative design solutions. We have over 30 models sets for food, tea and coffee, available. It is possible to order from catalogue without minimum quantities. The products of Porcel are owned by numerous prestigious clients globally and in Bulgaria. 4. Official importer of Stoelzle-Lausitz - Germany. Crystals made of unleaded crystal for home or professional use. Here you will find the following items form the brand Stoelzle-Lausitz wine glasses - for white, red, sparkling or dessert beer glasses cocktail glasses specialized glasses - cognac, martini,Campari, liquor, brandy, etc. official glass for malt whiskey variety of decanters jugs aerator vases champagne bucket 5. Official importer of Nachtmann - Germany Variety of products leaded and unleaded crystal vases bowls Cake plates Candlesticks 6. Official importer of season decorations like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter from Germany. Original solutions with very attractive prices. Here you will find more original statues made of glass, porcelain, polirezin original pieces of Murano variety of miniature glass figurines original bronze statues and clocks in combination with amethyst, topaz, agate, rock crystal, etc.. variety of stone figurines and statuettes hand-made icons hand painted original paintings WELCOME!