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Every day from 10 AM to 10 PM

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Sephora Concept and Offer With an unique open&ndashsell environment Sephoras concept leads across a broad range of products including skincare color make up fragrances bath and body and hair care in addition to Sephoras private label. The specific concept of Sephora stores offers carefully selected brands of different categories: skincare fragrances make up bath products hair care and cosmetic accessories. The difference stays in the range of innovative products one can find exclusively in Sephora stores (StriVectin Dr. Brandt Yes to Carrots Yes to Tomatoes Mineral Flower Cargo etc.) in Sephoras own Collection of Products and in the specific services delivered to its customers. Assisted by our team the experience of Sephora customers in the store is becoming an emotional relationship based on trust and satisfaction. Sephoras secret of success? Passion and enthusiasm in the job of beauty!