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AQUAMARINE is Bulgarian fashion shoe brand, which for 9 years already offers to its customers a rich variety of models of genuine leather and impeccable service.

The brand's collections are inspired exclusively by femininity in its full form - the personification of both tenderness, romantic spirit and caring, and of success, style and sex appeal. AQUAMARINE's team of specialists follow and develop the brand's latest fashion trends. All materials and accessories are carefully selected and supervised in two stages in the manufacturing process, thanks to which AQUAMARINE is a guarantee of impeccable quality every year.

AQUAMARINE is the official importer of the Italian brand of handbags Roberto UGGARI. The small family factory is based in Milan. Brand bags are extremely popular all over Europe. The products are made entirely in Italy, made of the best Italian leather, following the fashion trends of the fashion capital - Milan.

In the AQUAMARINE store in Paradise Center you can also find the Club.Italia male line - a rich variety of stylish, classic, casual or extravagant leather models for gentlemen who care about high quality and good taste.

Collections and all the produts that are offered can be seen on: http://