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Bra Studio

10.00 - 22.00

Level 0
Phone: 02 412 0021

Bra Studio lingerie salon offers great variety of lingerie and swimwear in 120 size starting from A cup going up to the K cup. Moreover, Bra Studio offers the unique for Bulgaria service called bra fiiting, which means choosing the right bra for every woman based on her individual breasts size, underbust measurements, the shape and breasts position. This way every woman, no matter what her size, can look and feel good about herself. The founder of Bra Studio is Izabela Sakutova, a professional bra fitter with 11 years of experience in the lingerie business from abroad, went to lingerie business following her own frustrating experiences trying to find pretty bras that fit her. Izabela had been appalled by the lack of choice in her size and was fed up of being offered tent-like bras for grannies and being told she could not possibly expect to find beautiful bras in her size. Determined that women regardless of their size deserved a better deal when buying lingerie, Izabela launched on the Polish market UK lingerie brand called Panache, which caters for ladies up to the K cup, and made it very successful there. Today Izabela’s company distributes Panache’s products to over 300 lingerie stores. In the begging of 2013 Izabela launches the new generation lingerie salon called Bra Studio with it's main goal to “cure” every Bulgarian woman of the symptoms of ill fitting bras and “prescribe her” the perfect bra, which will make her feel and look fabulous. From now all the Bulgarian women can only ask “which bra do I like” rather than “which one comes in my size”.