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Bulgaria Gems

Every day from 10am to 10pm

Level 1

Our store offers great variety of items souvenirs precious and semi-precious stones. You can find a stone for you according to your astrological sign. This stone is believed to cure different illnesses or it can be just a fine decoration for your home. The Bulgaria Gems shop in Paradise center is the eighth shop in Bulgaria. With our 3,800 original models priced from one to a few thousand leva are presented almost all kind of jewelry stones. Except the bulgarian manufacturing, there are minerals and jewelry stones from Peru, Madagascar, Brazil, Uruguay, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Mali, Thailand, Taiwan, Russia, USA, Sri Lanka etc. We are paying particular attention to the influence of jewelry stones over the human, like besides zodiac signs or the health and chakras stones influence , there is also books for you discovering that. In the shop is widely represented and bulgarian traditionally jewellery out of silver filigree with gem stones, that offers original bulgarian models won international competions awards and have been successfully exported to Europe, USA and Japan. There is also mineral models offered from Bulgaria.