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10:00 - 22:00
Level 1

Taking an individual approach to fashion with high standards of production and quality, based on the comprehensive lingerie skills of Huber Trikot. A company which was founded more than 100 years ago in Vorarlberg/Austria as a small family business, today operating under the brand names "Skiny", "Hanro" and "Huber" as one international underwear company.

Product Philosophy

Feel good about yourself, and look good too of course. No matter what happens. At any time of day. And for any occasion. For this, you need a perfect fit, high-quality materials and trendy designs. Collections for every lifestyle. And the opportunity to combine the most diverse designs. This is what Skiny stands for.

Part of Life

Being yourself - and sometimes completely different. Wherever life takes you. Surprising and spontaneous. Whatever mood you are in. Self-confident and uncomplicated. 24 hours a day.From morning until morning. Skiny provides this freedom for both women and men.

Skiny. Part of life.