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Swiss Boutique


Swiss Boutique has the advantage of being multi-brand retail chain, offering not only high quality customer service, but also satisfying of every taste for watches and jewellery. The collections are constantly updated with the latest models of the brands that we represent on the Bulgarian market, guaranteed inspiration every time when you visit us. At our shop you can always find watches and jewellery from worldwide famous brands, with modern and stylish design or limited series. In Swiss Boutique the search for a gift is a real pleasure! Our qualified staff will assist you on whatever choice you need to make, either for "something special" on the holiday of the people you love, business partners or colleagues. Birthday or nameday, a wedding or christening, professional or personal holiday, or if you just want to surprise someone that you care about, here you will find - ideas and choice. Welcome to Swiss Boutique shop on 1st floor in Paradise Center and don't forget to spoil yourself also!