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10:00 - 22:00
Level -1

This is the first Yoncy store. Here is some info about the brand from the creative director:
My name is Ioana and I am the creative director and designer of the brand Yoncy. The first memory from my early childhood was the wonderful sensation of strolling around in my older sister’s beautiful high heels, which were too big for me, but this didn’t stop me from trying them all on in front of the mirror. 
Since then, my mind is occupied with the idea of the realization of the perfect style. And that’s how Yoncy® was born. After the foundation of the brand, my everyday consists of striving for perfection. Eveybody deserves to be the better version of themselves and that is why Yoncy® is inspired from perfection and I from each one of you who support me.

Thank you & Enjoy